A love letter to the Intelligent Appliances community #1

We are Intelligent Appliances, a start-up business with big plans. We’re meeting you at the very start of our journey, we might not have any customers yet (well maybe one or two, fingers crossed) but what we do have is a very exciting road ahead of us, a road that we can’t wait to take you on. 

This journey began two years ago now. Our founder, Gary, had been thinking for a while that the way appliances are sold needed shaking up. On a trip to the US he came across an amazing new appliance (hopefully one of our stable of thoroughbreds in the future… watch this space) and was blown away. It was in that moment that the idea for Intelligent Appliances was born. A place to source unique lifestyle appliances from a kind business that believes in investing in better, not more.

At the heart of our business are our values. One of our values is ‘daring to dream’; We were born out of a wish to show that businesses can be kinder, and can be more conscious about the impact of what we do on our planet and our communities. We wanted to build an ‘intelligent’ business – one that’s an unstoppable force for good.

Not wishing to contribute towards the very problem we wished to solve, it was important to us to not encourage overconsumption. We discovered that as consumers we throw away about 150,000 tonnes of e-waste in large appliances in the UK each year, with only 35% being reused or refurbished. Hold on to that thought!

So, we hunted high and low for unique appliance brands which make the world that little bit better or help solve a problem – that’s the first bit that’s “intelligent”.  

The other ‘intelligent’ piece is about doing business in a better way. Back to that 150,000 tonnes figure; We want us to move away from buying the latest bit of ‘stuff’, using it for a while and then chucking it out. We need to look after our planet and not be part of the problem by adding yet another appliance onto the local landfill site. That’s why we’ve found a reuse solution, by partnering with a homelessness charity called Emmaus.  

None of what we hope to achieve will be possible without a community. We have set ourselves the aim of being relentless in our drive to find ways for the Intelligent Appliances community to invest in being better together

We understand that there’s a lot of hard work to be done here. And it never stops – that’s why we use the word “relentless”. When dreams are big, the journey is always more enjoyable if it’s shared! From our own team to our customers, to the legends who make the brands behind our Intelligent Appliances, to the amazing people we partner with like the lifesavers at Emmaus or the ground breakers at Ecologi who help us to offset any carbon footprint we’re leaving. We want to live and learn and go on a journey with you all. Always. Better Together. 

Any success we create will come from connecting strongly with a bunch of people who really get what we’re all about. And if that’s you, we promise to put our all into you, 1,000,000%.

We’re raring to go. We’d love to have you along for the ride.

Lots of love,

The IA Team

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