Do you want to be a Food Waste Superhero? It’s Easy Freezy.

It’s Food Waste Action Week and there’s a new set of Superheroes on the block; The Guardians of Grub.

Who are they?

They’re the food service and catering professionals rising up against food waste. Gawd bless ‘em.

Why do they care?

Because for every 2 tonnes of food we eat, another tonne is wasted.  Because if food waste was a country, it would be the 3rd largest greenhouse gas emitter in the world (after China and the USA and way ahead of India). 

It gets worse. In the UK our hospitality and food service industry alone throws away 1.1 million tonnes of food each year.  And 75% doesn’t need to be thrown away. Really. What are we playing at?

I’m only a café/private chef/small-scale caterer, why should I care?

Because it’s the right thing to do for the planet. Say no more.

Oh wait. Because there are huge benefits for your catering business.   Your customers care about the planet and they know that food waste is a problem. They want to know you’re doing something about it. There are stats for this too. We’re not just making it up. The clever people at WRAP can tell you more –

And you’ll save money. Loads of it. All going to the bottom line at the same time as doing good. Food waste costs the industry £3.2 billion a year in the UK. The Ship Inn in Cumbria have been down this road. They had 80% less prep waste and a 67% reduction in plate waste through small changes made. That added up to £6k back in their pockets in the first year. Nice.

Hang on, I don’t have a business, so why does it matter for me?

Good question. The same reasons. And in a way it’s even more scary.  UK households (that’s us) waste 6.5 million tonnes of food every year. 4.5 million of which is perfectly fine to eat. If you’re that wonderful thing that doesn’t exist, an average family of 4, that’s £60 a month back in your purse. Or wallet. Or back pocket. Or down the back of the sofa.  Take a look at the Love Food Hate Waste website for loads more helpful stuff –

How can we all help?

(N)oodles of ways. We’re going to give a special shout out to preserving your food. To becoming a Freezer Hero. No-one will be cooler than you.  You’re going to start making your food live for a long as possible. It’s a simple way of keeping waste at bay.

Some extra shock treatment

If you know your onions, you’ll understand that normal “freezers” are misnamed. In fact they’re just cold storage cabinets. Putting food in them to preserve it can actually degrade its nutritional value and reduce taste and texture quality.  That’s why caterers use Blast Freezers. That’s how they get panna cotta to set so quickly on Masterchef. Trade secrets.

And now you can reduce food waste. Preserve to your heart’s content.  And have food that tastes and looks just as good when you eat it. The Irinox Home range of food preservation appliances brings all the techniques used by professional caterers to the home and small business.  Easy freezy. Let’s get cold this Food Action Week.

Find out more about the Irinox Home Range from Intelligent Appliances here.

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