Where can I use an ‘Intelligent Appliance’?

We’re not the slightest bit choosy about where an Intelligent Appliance finds its place – as long as it ends up with a loving owner – it might be in the heart of your home, or it could be the star of the show in any number of business situations.

What makes an ‘Intelligent Appliance’?

You may well be thinking, what do these guys mean when they talk about an ‘Intelligent Appliance’? Well, first up it only works if we find a staggeringly cool appliance which helps solve some sort of problem or helps make the world that little bit better – that’s the first bit that’s “intelligent”.
And we’ll be the only place that you can find these gamechangers.
Then we back it all up by leaving it all out there to make sure we’re doing business in an ‘intelligent’ way; we’re a company that’s conscious about the impact of what we do on the planet and our communities; a company that wants to be an unstoppable force for good; a company that’s up for leading a revolution in how we think about our appliances.

How do I buy an Intelligent Appliance?

You’re in the very place! Having a direct relationship with our customers is important to us, so you can buy direct and online, right here at www.intelligentappliances.co.uk.

I’m a business – is an Intelligent Appliance for me?

Absolutely! Our selection of Intelligent Appliances is designed as much for use in a commercial space as it is in the home – whether that’s helping you and your colleagues do things a little bit better or giving your customers a better experience. We also appreciate that this may be an investment in equipment to help grow your business. That’s why we’ve partnered with Tower Finance to provide a finance leasing option to help spread the cost – not to mention the tax benefits. Find out more

What do I get when I buy an Intelligent Appliance?

All our Intelligent Appliances come with their own unique starter kit to help you hit the ground running and get the best from your new addition from day 1. Oodles of TLC and support are a given.

What warranty comes with my appliance?

We provide a mind boggling 5-year warranty on all our Intelligent Appliances.

Can I talk to a real person?

Yes – no robots here! Based at our HQ in Leeds, England, our team leap out of bed in the morning to help customers and talk in whatever way suits you best (phone, live chat, video call, email, breakfast in bed).

What is the “Intelligent Appliances Promise”?

As part of our better way of doing business we want to ensure your Intelligent Appliance gets that extra bit of love and attention it deserves. That’s why we’ve come up with our Intelligent Appliances Promise - at any point in the first year after purchase, one of our roving team of eager helpers will be round to yours for your free-of-charge TLC visit. You’re very welcome.

Looking after the planet

What’s all this about Intelligent Appliances being purpose-driven?

Simply put, we want our business to be an unstoppable force for good. So, we’re here to change up how we all think about the world of appliances. It’s about making intelligent and conscious choices. It’s about transforming the world we live in. For us this means we leap out of bed in the morning so we can keep investing in better, not more.

Are your products sustainable?

Not 100%. As we start out on our journey to investing in better, not more, we have a lot of work to do making sure that our supply chain is as sustainable as possible. Our carbon footprint is higher than we would like. We have to start somewhere though, and our mindset is that we focus on ‘ever-improving’. That’s one of our values. Learn more about how we are working towards building a more sustainable business.

What happens if I fall out of love with my Intelligent Appliance?

What we’ve done is make sure that your Intelligent Appliance doesn’t need to go to the great scrapheap in the sky (or down to your local tip). That’s because we’ve teamed up with the brilliant lifesavers at a charity called Emmaus. We’ll help you get in touch with your local Emmaus community. If after years of happy use, you no longer need your Intelligent Appliance (sob), then you can arrange for an Emmaus van to come and collect your appliance (as well as any furniture or appliances that needs a great home). Before you can say “what a fantastic idea”, your Intelligent Appliance will have been refurbished and will either be sold through one of the Emmaus stores to raise funds or will go to one of their companions in their accommodation, helping them get back on their feet. Your appliance gets a new, loving owner and we’ve all done our bit together to end homelessness. Happy days.


How do I manage my order?

Once you’ve hit the order button you’ll be automatically set up with a ‘My IA Account’. Here you’ll be able to track the progress of your order and manage delivery and set up dates/times. What's more, our team are on hand Monday - Friday 8.30 – 5.30

What payment methods can I use?

We accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as payment through PayPal and Apple Pay. We also offer finance leasing options for business customers.

Can I lease my Intelligent Appliance?

Yes. We’ve partnered with Tower Finance to provide a finance leasing option to help spread the cost – not to mention the tax benefits. Find out more

What happens if I change my mind and want to return my order?

Don’t worry at all, these things happen, we’re in it for the long run and we want everyone to love our products; hopefully you’ll come back soon for something else. Whatever the reason, we’ll accept your return providing it complies with our . .


How quickly will my order be with me?

We’ll deliver within 10 working days (from point of booking your delivery) on a day and time which suits you best. They’ll be no cutting and running here. We’ll always unload, unwrap and take care of all the difficult bits so your new arrival is ready to slot into place and connected.

Can you support me in setting up my Intelligent Appliance?

Absolutely! Our budding team of technical experts are ready and waiting to help you get set up for success with your Intelligent Appliance. That’s why we recommend that all important TLC video call to help you get up, close and personal with the latest addition to your family. He’ll guide you through setting up your Intelligent Appliance, share the need-to-know information in looking after it and most importantly, get you started in making the best of it. And if you need more time, book another call, drop us an email – we’re here to support you all the way.

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