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The Urban Cultivator is available as a built in unit in one size or freestanding in two size options – Urban Cultivator and Urban Cultivator XL.

To get the best from the full automation features, we recommend the unit is plumbed into mains water where possible.

All options come with a clear glass door to bring the essence of cultivating your own microgreens alive in your kitchen for everyone to see.

We’re here to make life easy. Promise.

Your Urban Cultivator will come with everything you need to get growing including:

  • trays
  • domes
  • filters

Enough? Not for us. We will include a FREE starter pack including all the growing materials you will need to get started including a selection of seeds:

Urban Cultivator built-in and freestanding includes:

• x4 seed bottles – your choice!

• x1 bottle of nutrients 

• x1 bottle of PH down 

• x2 Coco soil blocks


  • 1L grow organic plant food
  • Microfibre cloths

Urban Cultivator XL includes:

• x8 seed bottles – your choice!

• x1 bottle of nutrients 

• x1 bottle of PH down 

• x6 Coco soil blocks

  • x4 tray liners
  • 1L grow organic plant food
  • Microfibre cloths

All Intelligent Appliances include unlimited 1-to-1 support to get you set up for success:

  •  free delivery and connection support
    at a time to suit you, we will always unload, unwrap and take care of the difficult bits.
  • 1-2-1 TLC call to get you set up for success*
  • 5 year warranty
    mind bogginlgy better. Sleep easy
  • a free TLC visit within the first year of purchase
    The Intelligent Appliance promise. You’re very welcome.

* For our business customers we will arrange your TLC call face-to-face so we can train your team as required.  

100% Organic


No pesticides are required when you’re growing with an Urban
Cultivator. You’re in complete control of what you grow. And our seeds are 100%
organic too. Food you can trust.

Zero Mile Diet

Did you know the average distance food travels from farm to plates is 1.500miles –
think about the resources just to bring us one meal! And let’s leave the food
waste conversation for another day. That’s why the zero mile diet works with an
Urban Cultivator. It allows you to grow delicious, healthy food all year round that is kinder
to our planet from the comfort of your kitchen space. 

100 trees planted with every Urban Cultivator
Yep, you read that right! 100 trees planted for every Urban Cultivator order placed (in fact we’ll make it 200 if your investing in the Urban Cultivator XL) – thank you to our friends at Ecologi.

Sometimes it’s hard to throw your hat in the ring with a company that you don’t know anything about.

That’s why we’ve created The Intelligent Appliances Way. It’s a step by step guide to exactly what you”ll get from us at every stage of the journey.

We’re here to bring a bit of sunshine into your life – we’ve got you via phone, email or live chat with any questions, feedback you may have about the Urban Cultivator or simply to say hello!

  • How often should I feed my plants?

Plant food is not needed for the first week when growing in soil. After 1 week put 4ml per l in the reservoir (56ml) after the water recycle and every time the water recycle occurs. For soil free option put 56ml in the reservoir after first fill and after every water recycle.

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