Nutritional Myths

At Intelligent Appliances, we care about our people and our planet. Right down to what we put into our bodies!

It’s national nutrition month so we’re going to be busting some common nutritional myths.

Freezing food retains its nutritional value:

When you freeze food by putting it in the freezer it will slowly freeze over the course of 24-48hours. As ice forms in your food, it not only degrades the nutritional value of what you’re eating, it disrupts the food fibres making it tough and less tasty.

The answer? Shock freezing! You can find more about shock freezing here.

Organic food is just expensive and smaller:

But WAY better for you! Without pesticides, hormones and synthetic fertilisers, you get way more bang for your buck in terms of nutrients. Up to 60% more which is the equivalent to eating an additional 1-2 portions.

High-fat foods should be avoided:

Many foods high in fat such as avocados, hummus and oily fish are actually great for you and your gut health containing plenty of omega 3’s! Low-fat foods can have many other synthetic additives which would be worse for you than natural fat.

A detox diet will clean toxins from your body:

There’s little evidence that dietary cleanses do any of the things they promise. However, avoiding additional intake of toxins by eating more organic, less processed food will indeed help your liver, kidneys and gastrointestinal tract to do their detoxing job well. Everything from the air we breathe to what we put on our skin impacts the amount of toxins in our body. Find out more about clean air here.

Certain foods can burn fat:

Food groups like grapefruit, cayenne pepper and vinegar cannot burn fat. They may, in large enough quantities, increase your metabolism to have an impact on weight loss. They too can be lacking in the nutrients your body needs to function and burn fat effectively if your diet is restrictive.

Any we’ve missed off?

If you want to take your health journey to the next level then check out the clever technology from our friends at Irinox Home that allows you to eat and drink well everyday. And the Urban Cultivator – your indoor garden of fresh, organic herbs and microgreens.

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