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Irinox is renowned throughout the world as a company specialising in the production of blast chillers and shock freezers. As a pioneer in developing the concepts of blast chilling and high quality storage for the foodservice, confectionery and ice-cream sectors, Irinox has always believed in continuous research and improvement of food storage technology. Innovative in spirit, over the years Irinox has continued to develop leading edge products, offering revolutionary concepts that have set market benchmarks.


Irinox was founded at Corbanese (Treviso, Italy) in 1989 as a company specialising in leading edge blast chilling and shock freezing systems for the professional foodservice and confectionery industries.

As a pioneer in the industry, Irinox introduced the very first blast chillers, first in Italy and later on international markets.

The concept of food blast chilling had already been outlined in France in the 1970’s, but back then there was no technology able to preserve the organoleptic properties of food. Our work was at first focused on studying the chemical-physical aspects, so as to understand how chilling technologies could be used while protecting the characteristics of food. We have been able to make blast chilling technology available to all kitchens and to earn the trust of the most renowned international chefs and pastry chefs.

Today as in the past, we at Irinox are fully committed to producing blast chillers that offer technology and innovation, and use materials that facilitate the work of professionals and respect the environment.


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