Mighty Broccoli (Subscription)

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Broccoli microgreens are these young seedlings of the broccoli plant, a Brassicaceae family member, which also includes arugula, cabbage, and radish.


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Broccoli microgreens are not only tasty, but they have an impressive nutritional profile. They contain twice as much vitamin C as spinach and as much as lemons, thus being an excellent support to our immune system. Broccoli has antioxidant and anticancer compounds. Recent research has shown that broccoli protects us against the risk of cancer from occurring, and reduce the severity of cancers that do occur.

These micros are also very high in vitamin A, which helps keep your eyes healthy and starve off glaucoma and other eye degenerative diseases and dehydration), and maintain healthy bones and teeth. To best preserve the nutrients, avoid cooking the micros for too long. Instead, try cooking the micros over a very low heat.

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