Success Story: Liverpool Football Club

Professional football stadium and training ground

x2 Urban Cultivator XL
x1 Urban Cultivator

Tim Adams, Exec Development Chef

Winning Together

Premier League football club, Liverpool FC have made the Urban Cultivator a winning part of the Anfield stadium catering team alongside the restaurant facilities for their AXA Training Centre at Melwood, leading the way for professional sports with an incredible annual yield of microgreens.

Helping deliver microgreens for 8,500 match day covers

Welcoming the first of their two ‘intelligent’ appliances to Anfield stadium in 2015, Executive Development Head Chef Tim Adams took it upon himself to get up close and personal with the Urban Cultivators: “they’d been gathering dust for several months since their arrival. I just thought I’d give it a go and get planting some microgreens!” This curiosity has grown into a burning passion and to this day he still oversees cultivating more than 40 different crops each month.

Responsible for 8,500 covers on match day as part of the Club’s hospitality commitments, Tim and his team of 80 chefs use their organic home-grown microgreens across eight of the ten kitchens at the stadium. With no menu ever repeated, this organic produce graces the plates of the football elite, their VIPs and loyal supporters.

“I’ve literally tried growing everything from lentils to garlic, marrow peas to lemon balm. The only defeat I’ve had these past 6 years is red amaranth which is very annoying. I just love the experience of being able to grow my own here in the kitchen. Watch out Alan Titchmarsh!”

Tim Adams, Executive Development Chef
Liverpool Football Club

Tim Adams

As an early adopter, Tim recognised the value of taking control of growing his own greens and herbs to facilitate sufficient quantities to cater for this very demanding environment. He understood that he could provide exceptional taste, flavour and nutritional value in his dishes, along with the efficiencies of scale in producing the yields required. Not afraid to test the capabilities of the Urban Cultivator, Tim has tried and tested all sorts of varieties of microgreens as well as experimenting with fermenting his own bread dough and growing garlic.

With Liverpool FC’s continued investment in sustainability, known as ‘The Red Way’, usage of the Urban Cultivator has enabled the catering team to support the Club’s initiative to reduce waste along with playing a key part in their farm-to-fork initiative for event hospitality. A winning team.

Urban Cultivator - Kamile Kave x SoMention - Microgreens and seeds

1st Class Nutrition

In addition, the AXA Training Centre – Liverpool FC Training Ground, Melwood also houses a cultivator. The first team chefs are guided by the club’s lead nutritionist to harness the health benefits of the microgreens and herbs grown on home turf. The optimal harvesting time of the greens is guided, along with the meal planning to maximise the nutritional value of each green.

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