The Urban Cultivator: Everything You Need To Know

What is it?

The Urban Cultivator is an all-in-one automated indoor kitchen garden that allows you to grow fresh microgreens and herbs 365 days a year in your home or business.

Your cultivator will take control of all variables that affect the growth of your plants; watering, light, oxygen, temperature, humidity, nutrients and PH level of water all taken care of.

Who is it for?

Anybody who wants to grow fresh, organic vegetables, herbs or germinate flowers all year round.

A great option for chefs and those in hospitality who need a consistent supply of high-quality nutrient dense herbs and greens for their cooking.

An aesthetic and useful appliance for home cooks and those wanting to incorporate more veg and nutrients into their lives. Also for those with specific health conditions who need organic and nutrient-heavy food in their diet.

What can I grow in it?

Pretty much anything that’ll fit! From flowers and herbs to bulbs you can start off pretty much any plant in the cultivator before moving to a bigger pot.

Our organic seed menu includes microgreens and herbs such as lentils, lettuce, broccoli cabbage, chives, peas, kale, flax, mustard, oregano, basil and many many more.

Why should I use one?

No green thumbs required: Have a guaranteed harvest of fresh herbs and vegetables with no pesticides or chemical nasties all year round. 

Quicker growth: Microgreens take less time to grow compared to full-sized vegetables and can be harvested within ten days!

Nutrient-dense: Microgreens have up to 40 times more vitamins and minerals than their full-sized counterparts being much more nutrient-dense.

Superior flavour: Just as they’re much denser in nutrients, microgreens are more intense in flavour.

Better for the planet: With no food miles or plastic wrapping from store-bought options the Urban Cultivator is a sustainable option.

Cost-effective: Within two years you can make back the cost of shopping for organic herbs and greens.

How much does it cost?

The Urban cultivator starts at £4,125 ex VAT for businesses and professional chefs. Included is ongoing support and everything you need to get growing!

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