We’re really not ones for standing still at Intelligent Appliances, which is why we love to find ways for us all to get better every day and ensure your getting the best from your Urban Cultivator.

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investing in better tlc

Urban Cultivator User Guide

Hopefully your first TLC call has helped you in getting set up for success. If you need to refresh yourself with useful tips on your Urban Cultivators settings and controls watch this handy video.

For the technical geeks…download our useful user guides

Seeds Matter

You (and your Urban Cultivator) deserve lovely new seeds to keep your microgreen journey alive.

  • 100% organic
  • Over 35+ varieties
  • Order 365 days a year
  • Every seed bottle is enough to plant x4 trays
  • Save 10% on repeat seed and grow box orders

We’ve created collection bundles, bringing together seeds that work well together across a variety of recipes.

You can order individual seed and grow boxes , or why not let us take care of things with our handy personalised repeat order option? Pause and amend at any time. Click, order, repeat!

Planting + Cultivation Guide

Explore our handy Planting and Cultivation Guide to give your microgreens and herbs
the best opportunity to reach their full potential!


Better TLC

TLC Required

The clever people at Urban Cultivator have made the automation features simple to use.

We have to remember though that this Intelligent Appliance needs care and maintenance to keep it in working order. And your microgreens and herbs are living plants so nature will take its cause. To help ensure you get the best day to day from your awesome appliance take a look at the tips-and-tricks our own cultivators use to keep everything in working order.

 Our budding team are on hand to lend a hand with any question or query you may have with the care of your Urban Cultivator or microgreens and herbs. Honestly, no question is too small – please ask away as we want you to enjoy this experience in full!

Investing in better promises

Don’t forget your Urban Cultivator is covered by the
Intelligent Appliances Promise.

At any point in the first year after purchase, one of our roving team of eager helpers will be round to yours for your free of charge TLC visit.

You’re very welcome.

Faq’s – help please Alex to set this up

Get your microgreens off to a better start

Doing the right thing is one of our values. That’s why we hunted high and low to find a peat free soil alternative (using peat soil releases a million tonnes of CO2 every year). 

The lovely people at Coco & Coir have a solution! 
Their handy soil blocks are made of 100% quality coir. Better performing (15% better germinations rates than peat-based compost), coir can hold up to 20 times its own weight in moisture. Unlike other peat-free alternatives, coir has a ph range of 5.8-6.8, which is close to what the vast majority of plants need.

What’s not to love? Available to buy in our seed and grow shop.


Better Living

We’re really not ones for standing still at Intelligent Appliances, which is why we love to find ways for us all to get better every day.

It’s the Intelligent Appliances way

We absolutely do want to hear from you as often as possible so we know you’re getting the best out of your Intelligent Appliance.

As you’re part of the family now, you’ve got a voice at the dinner table. Help us keep developing the next big thing in Intelligent Appliances, so we can keep investing in better, not more.

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